About the Artist

Susan Siebert Connors is a working artist specializing in producing quality art and artistic designs. Her early art experience was traditional painting on canvas (oil and acrylic), as well as colored pencil and charcoal on paper; her current medium of choice is Photoshop.

All works presented in the galleries on this web site were produced in Photoshop. No photography was used for any artwork, unless otherwise noted. Connors creates works in a breadth of genres, from abstract to representational to realist. Her favorite schools of art are Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism; favorite artists include Dali, Picasso, Pissarro, O’Keeffe, and Escher.

Connors is a former human resources recruiter, an award-winning sales executive, and a marketing professional with a broad range of experience in industries, including franchising, financial software, advertising collateral, photographic technology, and event planning.

Connors was born in Colorado and lived a happily eclectic childhood as the daughter of an engineer / scientist / inventor who studied for two years under the famous Albert Einstein at the University of Berlin. She completed her formative years living in Germany and Long Island, New York. In New York, she attended Adelphi University. She also graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Liberal Arts (emphasis in modern languages).

Connors’ art studies include private lessons with numerous acclaimed artists over a span of 30 years, as well as her own independent studies. She is a member of the Broward Art Guild and holds certification as a Photoshop professional.

Connors currently resides in Florida with the three cats who own her, and her husband.